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GLUECHIP  1/8          48 X 84 Glue Chip (Double) is made by applying two applications of special glue to sandblasted glass, letting it dry, and ultimately creating tighter and a more obscured pattern as compared to regular Glue Chip. It is temperable. Thicknesses from 1/8" (3mm) up to 1/2" (12mm) are available by special order. Also available in tinted glass (bronze, grey and green) by special order.
SEEDY 1/8 24 X 48 Seedy (Spectrum) is made in USA by the Spectrum Glass Company. This consistent and high quality Seedy has been used for decades in stained and cabinetry applications. As a result of the new larger sizes and the new 3/16" thickness, the applications have steadily expanded. While Seedy is temperable, it is an art glass and as such the results will vary.
PATTERN #62 1/8 48 X 60    
PATTERN #62 3/16 60 X 84    
REEDED 5/32 60 X 100 Reeded is used most often in shower and interior glass applications. It can be easily tempered. The reeds are 1/2" wide and offer limited privacy. Reeds run parallel to the longer dimension and are often referred to as "Narrow Reeded" or "English Reeded"
MATTE 1/8 63 1/4 X 88 1/2    
MATTE 1/4 62 3/4 X 88    

                                                 *** WE OFFER CUT TO SIZE ON PATTERN GLASS ***
                                                *** PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 2 SQ. FT. MINIMUM PER PIECE ***

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