The SL20A's unique patented magnetically coupled gear driven tilt mini-blind for installation in sealed insulated glass or replaceable glass packages. An externally mounted magnet controls the blind with a knob or a wand. Motorization is also available.

SL20A With External Knob Operator     

The unique design of the blinds decreases internal heating by limiting amounts of infrared and UV radiation. This aids in controlling expensive air conditioning costs.

SL20A Specifications
The SL20A model requires a .750 internal glass airspace. Slats are made of aluminum alloy 6060-T8, 12.5mm (.500") x .008", and are painted with a low emissivity paint with a polyester ultraviolet high resistant finish. A 3/4" air gap is needed for the blind to operate.

Spacer System Box
Max Glass Thickness 1/4 Inch
Min/Max Width 12/80 Inches
Min/Max Length 10/106 Inches
Operator Types Wand, Knob or External



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Last modified: 05/20/09