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New Standard & Customer Pattern Capabilities                April 1, 2009

Enclosed is our standard shape catalog, which can offer you a very simple way to order patterns.  We have separated the patterns by straight edge and round edge.  All you have to do is find the matching numbered pattern, give us the dimensions to the equivalent sides, and it will be “auto cut” without even sending a pattern.

Auto cut pattern charges are also ˝ the cost of the “free form” pattern charges!

This system also gives you precise measurements and the ability for the pattern to be sealed on our vertical Lisec insulating line. 

In addition to selecting from the standard pattern pages attached, you may also send us your DXF and CAD files, for auto cutting.  As with all patterns, please double check measurements before forwarding to us.

The following is information we will need, particularly if you are sending a physical pattern:

·        Paper or cardboard patterns only
¨      Please do not fold cardboard more than once
¨      Please role up patterns
¨      Do not send glass patterns

·        Specify where you want the glass cut (i.e. inside or outside of the line) and make lines dark and as thin as possible
¨      We will not alter or change a customer’s pattern

·        For coated or obscure glass you must specify which surface (i.e. #1)
¨      Always give surface number from outside looking in
·        All auto cut shapes are considered to be viewed as the #1 surface
·        All custom drawn patterns must be made from the #1 surface or front side of the mirror
¨      All beveling will be done on the #1 surface

·        Due to the way the glass breaks out, please allow + or – half the thickness of the glass for size tolerance

Please call Customer Service reps: Sharon, Matt, Bonnie, Anita, Rose, Michelle, Angela Stephens  or Sales Reps: Peter Williams or Michael Stewart with any questions. 

Thank you for making Glenny Glass your custom pattern provider

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